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Welcome to our Online Booking for the Various Services we offer.

You are able to look through the services below choose the one you want and which engineer is available then book a date to suit yourself. Please be aware that we can only set Morning or Afternoon appointments. If you choose a AM time the appointment will be between 8am & 12pm and if you choose a PM appointment it will be between 12pm & 4pm.

If you require a more accurate timeslot please call us at the office on the number above prior to booking your service.

We will do all we can to help.

Our Heating Services

What our Service includes?

We offer an aftercare service to the customers of the house builders we work with.

As part of your two year warranty it is necessary to have your boiler serviced and if applicable your cylinder too. 

What does your cylinder service include?
  • Expansion relief valve testing

  • Temperature and pressure relief valve testing

  • Combination valve/pressure reduction valve stripping and line strainer cleaning

  • Pressure expansion vessel check (if so equipped)

  • Expansion vessel pressure top up

  • Leak check

  • Main and boost immersion heater and thermostat function testing

  • Main and boost immersion heater resistance check

  • Electrical Earth check

  • Service record completion and signing

What does your boiler service include?
  • Correct gas pressure and flow

  • Flue and combustion. A flue gas analyser will be used to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air.

  • Electrical connections are clean and in good condition

  • Fans and other key components are working efficiently

  • Seals are intact

  • Electrodes are in a good condition

  • Safety devices are checked

  • Condensate trap and pipe is not blocked

  • They will also clean inside the boiler where necessary

  • Inspect the water and gas pipework to make sure everything is working correctly.

  • We will check all radiators and vent where necessary

  • Service record completion and signing

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